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By choice, as always, we invest in automation and new materials research. We provide full service in the molding of engineering plastics, from the idea to realization of custom product with a constantly controlled and certified process. Precision for us a dual process: to provide high quality parts and reduce wastage. Precision is key in order to produce more and produce better. We are the first never to be satisfied with the results achieved and always want to improve.


When twenty-five years ago I accepted this new challenge, I did it not asking too many questions but putting all my enthusiasm and desire to do it. Well, after many years, we have also reached this prestigious milestone ... milestone that I could not have achieved without the support of my collaborators, of customers who believed in us, of the valuable and valid support of my suppliers as well as the help of my valid second generation.


We have reached another important milestone!
Thanks to those who believed in us and in our company



Production Department

Elpas specialize in the precision production of technical articles of medium to large lines. From small pieces at low grammage to those of greater volume and consistency, all made with extreme care. The production process is characterized not only by the highly computerized and accurate quality control, but also for the high level of automation of the systems, which operate harmoniously on three shifts. Flexibility is another of our strengths organizing jobs quickly to meet customers’ needs.We can split deliveries, reducing waiting times and helping customers not to over stock.With us the continuity of production is assured. We use the latest technological innovations, such as two component, assisted gas, heat and cool, overmolding and vertical rotary table molding. Presses, ranging from a closing force of 50 tons up to 800 tons, equipped with manipulators and fed automatically from the centralized plant. Network linking allows transmition of data to the central server, ensuring the correct and flexible programming of orders and the statistical control.


Keeping pace with the rapid development of new engineering plastics is a strategic issue. The best products are not only the result of a single excellence, but a mix of various aspects, including knowledge of materials and experience in using them. With advice from our suppliers, our manufacturing and processing capability and the availability of appropriate technologies have put us in a position to achieve optimum results. We are constantly looking for new polymers alongside those already consolidated, such as PC / ABS, PC, PPSU, PSU, PA12, PPO, POM, PA, PBT PMMA, PEI, PP, ABS …

Mold Workshop

Those who produce using technopolimer injection will appreciate quality, timing and economy in the production of the mold. A well-designed mold made with care reduces costs, because it avoids all types of waste, ensures certain processing times and ensures a final result of high standard. For this Elpas has its own internal workshop. Twenty five years experience and technology of using systems such as Moldflow (gate analysis and filling) and Cad, enable us to intervene actively in the study phase of the mold, and adopt the most appropriate solutions and materials required. Meticulous design, use of new technologies (heat and cool, two-component, gas assisted …) focus on costs and the program timeline are authentic competitive advantages, which in a highly dynamic market, are key to make the difference. For many of our customers are the deciding factor of their choice. We can manage autonomously new molds, maintenance, modifications, without external steps, with the full and constant control of the supply chain, aimed at continuity of the molding process.

Accessory Elaboration

Our 360 ° service concept and “short chain” provides additional processes, delivering the finished job. The advantage is to have a single benefit, saving time and money. On request we can provide assembly for your products: screw fixing, welding, ultrasonic and vibration welding. Completing our range of services, product turning, to further enhance the accuracy of the workpiece, and customization through pad printing up to 4 colours.


Efficiency is the basis of productivity and is obtained by combining the business philosophy, quality-oriented and strict implementation of procedures. The team, dynamic, qualified and highly motivated, has been instrumental in pursuing the coveted certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 obtained in March 2003. The objective has since been achieved each year with tenacity and conviction, and also reconfirmed today by UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. Our Quality (QMS System) is based on the ISO guidelines (International Organization for Standardization) and the ongoing training of human resources at all levels. We follow certain procedures and controls, dynamically, to fulfill customer requirements, meet their expectations and provide reliable process traceability (printed from the raw material purchased product). To increase the qualitative efficiency we also use the Integrated Process Control (SPC) source of continuous improvement.


Work with us


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We are ready to work again in safe conditions!

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Elpas sponsors the Rongai Ski Clubh1>

Elpas has always been close to young people and the world of sport and, in unsuspected times, sponsored the Rongai Ski Club where Sofia Goggia grew up, Olympic downhill champion in Pyeongchang 2018 and winner of the Downhill World Cup in 2018 Sofia good and good people who believed in you!

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Elpas invests in photovoltaics

Since 2012 Elpas has invested in renewable energy by installing a photovoltaic system on the roof


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